Review: 330 Clapham Road

Our image for the Townhouses at 330 Clapham Road

Looking back at our project post completion

Who doesn’t love a good ‘before and after’? One of the most satisfying parts of our job is looking back at projects post completion, and comparing our images to the photography of the finished article. For us, this really is the benchmark of success if our images have not only been accurate and detailed, but have also conveyed the intended look and feel of the final space. Starting with only architects drawings and material references, it’s up to each individual artist to interpret the scheme and find the best compositions that will translate built form, landscaping and time of day into effective and evocative images of the intended architecture, often before a single brick is laid.

We’re pleased with our images for the scheme and feel that they are a good match compared to the photography of the completed development.


Completed Townhouses
Completed Townhouses